What Qualifications Do You Need to be a Police Officer?

Police officers will be first responders who enforce laws and regulations in the respective districts. They visit emergency and daily call sites, investigate incidents, gather evidence at crime scenes, and arrest people who they have reason to believe have violated the law. Police act as the starting point for the criminal justice system and interact …

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Police Officer Jobs

Police officers seek to deter violence and uphold federal, state and local legislation through the lawful use of force in cooperation with the public. If you’re considering being a police officer, always remember these basic facts about the job role. Police officers are charged with keeping order and protecting lives and properties in the community. …

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List of US Police Stations

Law enforcement is one of three key components of the criminal justice system of the United States.   While each component acts semi-independently, the three progressively form a chain contributing to the administration of criminal punishment from an investigation of alleged criminal activity. Law enforcement generally works by governmental policing departments and agencies.  In the United …

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List of UK Police Stations

Every United Kingdom’s legal system, law enforcement in the United Kingdom is organized independently. Many law enforcements are performed within one of those regions by police officers working in regional police services. The UK-wide agencies complement these regional services. Certain powers are given to police officers to allow them to perform their duties. Their main …

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