List of US Police Stations

Law enforcement is one of three key components of the criminal justice system of the United States.   While each component acts semi-independently, the three progressively form a chain contributing to the administration of criminal punishment from an investigation of alleged criminal activity.

Law enforcement generally works by governmental policing departments and agencies.  In the United States, there are 17,985 police agencies, including the Offices of the County Sheriff, Divisions of Local Police, State Police & Highway Patrol and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. The law-enforcement objectives of these agencies are the investigation of alleged criminal activity, the transfer to state or federal prosecutors of the findings of investigations, and the immediate detention of suspected criminals pending trial and judicial action.

Law enforcement agencies are most commonly responsible, to various degrees at various levels of government and in different agencies, for deterring illegal conduct and avoiding the effective commission of crimes in progress. The service and execution of summons, writs, and other orders of the courts can also be involved in other duties.

Law enforcement agencies are also tasked with providing an initial response to emergencies and other public safety threats; protecting certain public facilities and infrastructure; maintaining public order; protecting public officials; and operating certain detention facilities.


Law enforcement has been a male-dominated profession historically. The nation is made up of approximately 18,000 law enforcement agencies with more than 1.1 million people employed, ranging from federal, state and local police. There are approximately 12,000 local law enforcement agencies, the largest of the 3 types. The Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics discovered in the most recent surveys have been done in 2013, there is 72.8 percent of local police officers are white. 12.2 percent are black or African American and 11.6 percent are Latino or Hispanic. 17 percent for woman officers with full-time intake. While black or African Americans in the police forces are not significantly under-represented, there is a lack of women, Asian, and Hispanic officers. In an effort to attract more diverse recruits, more police agencies are seeking to find more diverse applicants.

Below are the few of the list of US Police Stations, with its type and location:

  • Langston University Police Department
    Police Departments
    Langston, OK
  • Lodi Police Department
    Police Departments
    Lodi, NJ
  • Texas Response Group
    Police Departments
    Dallas, TX
  • Tyngsborough Police Department
    Police Departments
    Tyngsborough, MA
  • Homecroft Police Department (IN)
    Police Departments
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Holyoke Police Department
    Police Departments
    Holyoke, CO
  • Bethel Police Department
    Police Departments
    Bethel, OH
  • New York City Police Department
    Police Departments
    New York City, NY
  • Chicago Police Department
    Police Departments
    Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles Police Department
    Police Departments
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Houston Police Department
    Police Departments
    Houston, TX
  • Phoenix Police Department (AZ)
    Police Departments
    Phoenix, AZ
  • San Francisco Police Department
    Police Departments
    San Francisco, CA
  • Memphis Police Department
    Police Departments
    Memphis, TN
  • Seattle Police Department
    Police Departments
    Seattle, WA
  • New Orleans Police Department
    Police Departments
    New Orleans, LA
  • Portland Police Bureau
    Police Departments
    Portland, OR
  • Miami Police Department
    Police Departments
    Miami, FL
  • Grand Island Police Department
    Police Departments
    Grand Island, NE
  • Trumbull County Sheriffs Department, OH
    Sheriffs Departments
    Warren, OH
  • McKenzie County Sheriffs Office
    Sheriffs Departments
    Watford City , ND
  • Kearney County Sheriff’s Office
    Sheriffs Departments
    Minden, NE
  • Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department
    Sheriffs Departments
    Columbus, MS
  • Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office
    Sheriffs Departments
    Manitowoc, WI
  • Wood County Sheriff’s Office
    Sheriffs Departments
    Bowling Green, OH
  • Office of the State Constable
    County Constables
    Middletown, PA
  • Mercer County Crisis Intervention Team
    Criminal Justice Training Authority
    Mercer, PA
  • Ridgeway Marshal’s Office
    Marshals Department
    Ridgeway, WI
  • River Oaks Patrol
    Security Agency
    Houston, TX
  • Jackson County Department of Corrections
    County Jails
    KANSAS City, MO
  • Oklahoma Military Department Police
    Military Law Enforcement Agencies
    Tulsa, OK