Salary for a Police Officer

The average salary of the police officer is higher than you would expect. The average annual salary of a police officer is $65,400. Becoming a police officer comes at risk, but it may also be a financially great profession. Let us just take a closer look at the average pay of a police officer and where they make the most of it. No matter what your work and income, as long as you are happy serving and being able to provide all the things you need in your life, is the most important of all.

The Basic Salary of the Police Officers

According to the BLS (or what we know as the Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average pay of a police officer is 65,400 USD. This is for the BLS category, which covers police officers and sheriff patrol officers. Detectives and criminal investigators fall in a different category, receiving a median salary of 81,920 USD. The fish and game wardens receive a median salary of 57,710 USD. While the transit and railroad wardens, another category that have annual income of 74,030 USD.
The data reveals that the median annual wages for the police officers and detectives, the category that includes the above-mentioned occupations, was around 63,380 USD last 2018 in May. In 2018, the lowest-paid ten percent of police officers and detectives paid less than 36,550 USD and earned around 106, 090 USD for the highest-paid ten percent. Many of the officers and detectives belong to the unions.

Also, BLS tracks what it calls the “job outlook” for the occupations that it studies, by which the quantity of workers in this given job is projected to rise around this year 2016 and 2026. The average rate for all workers is seven percent. The job outlook for police and detectives is still seven percent, right on average.

To become a Police Officer in the US – is great an honor and responsibility to serve the community with all your passion and dedication in helping someone to feel safe and secured in the place.
It takes years of rigorous training to become a doctor or a lawyer, which could include student loans. To become a police officer is a much less expensive effort. There are physical and personal qualifications to be met by potential police officers. In some areas and in some ranks, a high school diploma is an appropriate educational requirement, whereas others require a bachelor’s degree.

Bottom Line

Becoming a police officer is not for everybody, but depending on the position and place, policing may be a secure path to a middle-class lifestyle. They usually experience a high degree of job security, even although the job outlook is below average, existing officers remain in a stable job position.

On average, police officers earn a reasonably good salary in most of the metro areas. Even so, it’s always important to make sure you save a few of the money for emergencies and retirement. To learn how to balance your other financial priorities is the most important to secure financially in the future.